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The best camera settings and FIFA 23 controller

With the arrival of FIFA 23, it is never a bad idea to see where you can get advantages. Sometimes that falls into the configuration. This guide is here to tell you what the best controller and camera configurations in FIFA 23 are. The best controller configuration in FIFA 23 The best camera settings in FIFA 23 The best controller configuration in FIFA 23 To get to the controller configuration in FIFA 23, you must follow a few steps. Despite the tedious amount of menu jumps, it is quite simple: Main menu> Customize> Configuration> Customize controls. Before immersing yourself, keep in mind that the ‘Competitive Master Switch’ will automatically activate for all online matches. That means that the following configurations will be corrected as such: Agile contextual dribble: disabled Automatic authorizations: disabled AUTO FLAIR: Disabled Automatic shots: disabled Assisted headers: deactivated Jockey: Manual Defense: Tactical Defense Image Source: EA Sports throug

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