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FIFA 23 - When do I get my free World Cup History Maker in Ultimate Team?

In celebration of the winter competition, EA has actually made one unique World Cup History Maker Player Product offered to unlock for each FUT gamer free of charge. Release Date What is a World Cup History Maker? The Qatar World Cup has well and genuinely taken control of FIFA 23 and the Ultimate Team material is coming fast and thick. Discover out when you will get your World Cup History Maker in FIFA 23 below. New Sneaker Stock Drops! Purchase & sell authentic tennis shoes, including Jordan 1 Zion Williamson Voodoo Release Date The time of release has actually not yet been confirmed however you can expect your History Maker to be provided at around 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT. Your free World Cup History Maker card will be launched on Friday, 23 December. Store Now You can discover how you to claim your totally free History Makers product here. Every History Maker item will receive 2 ensured upgrades. The first will go survive on Friday, 13 January and the second on Tuesday, 14 F

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